$_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"] variable must be set to the document root directory under which the current script is executing.
'; elseif (!file_exists($_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"]."/.access.php")) $strErrorMessage .= 'The file .access.php is not found in the site root. Apparently the installation package has been unpacked incorrectly.
'; if ($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] != "/index.php") $strErrorMessage .= 'Bitrix site manager must be installed in web server root directory.
'; if (!ini_get("short_open_tag")) $strErrorMessage .= 'short_open_tag value must be turned on in you php.ini or .htaccess file.
'; if (strlen($strErrorMessage) > 0) die(''.$strErrorMessage."
Please modify the server's configuration or contact administrator of your hosting.
"); define("B_PROLOG_INCLUDED", true); $success = include_once($_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"]."/bitrix/modules/main/install/wizard/wizard.php"); if (!$success) die('Folder /bitrix/ is inaccessible for writing and/or reading'); ?>